Benefit from textual data with natural language processing

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nlp services
nlp services

Stop Processing Speech or Text Manually

One of the key benefits provided by machine learning is the ability to process unstructured data, such as speech and text, to extract facts and ideas without relying on inaccurate keyword searches or laborious audio recording processing.

we provide our clients with custom AI and machine learning solutions to help them unlock the value of their data, automate routine tasks, and make data-driven decisions.

Natural Language Processing Services

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
Does NLP make computers understand language?

It depends on what “understanding” implies, so it’s a tricky question, but the overall response would be no, not really. NLP techniques solve specific problems, such as classifying text into predetermined categories, or converting text into sound or vice versa, but this does not mean that computers actually understand the language itself.

Who works on NLP problems?

Typically, data scientists, machine learning engineers, or both, are involved. NLP is a rapidly developing field where cutting-edge tools are continually being created. This means that using these new tools and techniques frequently necessitates a solid understanding of both data science and the application of these models to specific problems.

How language dependent is NLP?

This depends on the problem being solved and the data that NLP is applied to. If the problem is fairly simple and the data is text, language-agnostic methods can be used, and there is no language dependency. For more complex problems, there is some dependency even when working with text, because pre-trained models are necessary, but there are resources available for the majority of languages. Audio is particularly complicated because there aren’t many resources to fall back on, and the language dependency is the strongest.

Do you guarantee the success of the project?

During the project evaluation, we provide a feasibility assessment and, for problems in which we have experience, we can provide a more precise prediction at the level of the computer vision metrics and discuss the forecasted minimum level of performance.

Make smarter business decisions with NLP models

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